The cost and environmental risk of fossil fuels continues to rise. Renewable and alternative energy technologies continue to advance, but involve significant investment risk. Recent advances in alternative energies have led to the development of technologies with promising returns on investment and creative methods for implementation, but you need experienced people to help convert an energy vision into an executable strategy and a practical reality.

What is your energy strategy? Does it reflect your sustainability strategy? What is your disaster preparedness strategy? Are these strategies related? Does your enterprise effectively manage these issues? What role does energy/sustainability/disaster planning play in your bottom line? The answers to these questions impact your organization’s ability to endure and grow. SilTek is committed to helping you answer these questions using our robust design, engineering, and implementation capabilities. We provide the support you need to navigate the change and complexity involving energy and energy security.

SilTek’s mission includes the provision of high quality engineering and management services supporting your energy and sustainability programs during these challenging times. By delivering technical innovation with professional program management, SilTek has become a premier provider of high quality technical and management services in the energy industry.

SilTek offers mechanical, civil, electrical, environmental, systems, and software engineering services, as well as broad-based management and technical proficiency in state-of-the-art energy systems. We have extensive experience in renewable and alternative energy design and implementation including construction management. SilTek also provides program design, management, and administration from cost estimating to budgeting, source selection, and commissioning. From our headquarters in Northern Virginia, we provide services throughout the mid-Atlantic region and innovative solutions throughout the world.

Alternative Energy Consulting

SilTek provides high quality energy engineering and management consulting services to enable rapid deployment of sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable energy systems. We provide customized technical solutions and services to Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, international organizations, and small businesses seeking to add or optimize energy production, management, delivery, and end-use.

SilTek’s expert energy management engineers and technicians have a broad-based proficiency in state-of-the-art energy, management systems, and business case analysis. Our team works closely with clients to apply this expertise in the following service areas:
  • Micro-grid design and installation
  • Renewable energy integration (solar, wind, micro-hydro)
  • Energy Storage
  • Solar hot water
  • Energy Efficiency & Demand Reduction
  • Technology & Market Assessments
  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Energy Technology Research & Development
  • Energy related standards development

Energy Assessment

With increasing energy demand, increasing regulation, aging infrastructure, and the availability of new technologies, the deployment of next generation power solutions, including energy distribution, and innovative end-use energy technologies offer exciting opportunities. SilTek provides a full range of technical and business management services to help organizations and investors identify and evaluate targets for energy opportunities. Whether executing a preliminary sustainability assessment, designing an offshore energy production system, or creating a cost-effective micro-grid environment, SilTek brings the technical and management skills you need to make each project and investment a success.

Whether you are a business owner, government agency, or investor (e.g., venture capitalists), Siltek can help you optimize these opportunities through strategic technology acquisition, research and development, market incentive assessment, and professional project management. SilTek’s engineers and sustainability experts support private institutions and public agencies in all phases of their energy investments and project project management.

Energy Cost Analysis & Modeling

With more than 15 years of cost estimating and energy modeling experience, SilTek provides technical, engineering, management, and financial expertise to help business owners and facility managers make sound, defensible, and efficient decisions regarding energy costs and projections. With our íforea™ cost modeling database, SilTek can quickly assess current and future energy needs as well as help prepare project plans and projected budget requirements for improvements. SilTek can help forecast the energy cost-benefit of new processes, controls, and equipment essential for evaluating various options.

Construction Management

While many contractors talk about sustainability, at SilTek, we build it. We are forging a new path towards sustainability in the field of construction management in order to responsibly provide solutions for the needs of communities, enterprises, and government agencies. SilTek offers a strong technical foundation and innovative implementation strategies tailored to the needs and budget of our clients.

Bringing a sustainable design from the vision stage to reality requires project and professional program management expertise, technical skills, and experience. At SilTek, we support our clients with the knowledge and facts critical to understanding renewable and sustainable technologies throughout the lifecycle of a project. Whether your vision involves LEED accreditation, NetZero energy or waste requirements, incorporation of sustainable features, or on-site alternative energy generation, SilTek can provide the engineering design expertise as well as construction and project management to ensure your vision becomes a sustainable reality.